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COVID19 Level 2


We're open during Alert level 2

With the government’s announcement confirming that New Zealand will move to Alert Level 2 on 14th May, we are working hard to ensure that we are able to safely fulfil your vehicle requirements.

Our aim is to keep our staff and work place free of illness in order to provide a safe environment, and importantly to allow us to stay open and operating as a business.

We will be ensuring the safety of our staff and yourselves by taking the following measures.
•    For vehicle servicing, you will be given a set time to arrive – please be punctual – this is to limit the number of customers to one at a time.
•    We are required to keep a contact log, and you will be asked for your name and contact details. 
•    Remember to keep to the social distancing recommendations.
•    If possible arrange for someone to pick you. 
•    If you feel unwell please do not enter our premises.
•    We will NOT be washing or vacuuming vehicles during this time (there is still a water shortage) but we will be sanitising vehicles on all possible touch points after drop off and before collection.
•    We will NOT be operating the shuttle or offering loan vehicles during this time.

Stricter cleaning and sanitisation standards, including:

- The application of disinfectant to all dealership touch points. This includes vehicles, service centre and workshop, offices, payment terminals, phones, furniture and toilets. 

- Disinfecting all vehicle touch points on your vehicle at drop off, and before handing it back. This includes keys, outside door handles, driver’s inside door handle, steering wheel, indicator switch, wiper control switch, gear lever, handbrake, driver’s seat belt and buckle, window control switches and bonnet release cable. 

- Keeping cleaning logs of all vehicles serviced and/or test driven. 

- The use of approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whilst working on your vehicle. This includes the wearing of gloves and fit steering wheel, gear lever and seat covers. All staff will be trained on the correct use of cleaners and PPE. 

Contact Tracing:

Digitally collecting contact details from all visitors to our dealership sites to ensure that we comply with contact tracing guidelines, including the storage of that information in a centralised contact register. 

Social Distancing:

Maintaining social distancing amongst our dealership teams when they’re at work. 


Clearly documented & distributed policies and guidelines for staff to adhere to. These will outline hygiene and sanitation requirements for servicing and test drives.  

Call 09 470 4000 or click here to book you vehicle service.

If you wish to purchase a vehicle please ring 094704000, or email websales@mcmg.co.nz, to make an appointment with a Sales Consultant. They will inform you of the process that needs to be followed.  

We are local, so like you, our business and our people are feeling the impact. It’s times like these that we all need to work together and support each other, like Kiwis do when times get tough. We look forward to being able to help you with your vehicle requirements.  


Mark Cromie Motor Group Management