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Health and safety

Health and Safety Policy


This policy outlines Mark Cromie Motor Group’s commitment to health and safety within our business, ensuring the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors whilst on our premises and while working for our organization, including a commitment to comply with relevant legislation, safe work instruments (SWI), codes of practice standards (COP) and safe operating procedures (SOP).

Mark Cromie Motor Group is responsible for providing and maintaining a safe work environment for all employees. We will provide a health and safety management system which will manage appropriate resources, training and supervision to enable employees to work safely and eliminate harm. The system will actively manage the recording and reporting of incidents and ensure that we are acting in compliance with all legal obligations.


We aim to effectively manage hazards and risks related to work practices. Mark Cromie Motor Group shall:

1.       Provide and maintain a safe working environment, equipment, plant and systems to ensure employees and visitors are safe at all times.

2.       Maintain a system to identify safety hazards and risks in the workplace and ensure they are understood and managed.

3.       Ensure the system captures, investigates and manages all incidents, accidents and near misses to identify the causes and take appropriate corrective action to eliminate, isolate or minimize exposure.

4.       Provide employees with appropriate training, information, safety equipment and supervision to carry out their duties safely and identify any risks to health or safety.

5.       Provide and encourage the participation of employees in consultation practices with health and safety issues.

6.       Provide treatment and rehabilitation plans that ensure a safe, early and durable return to work.

7.       Provide a comprehensive health and safety management system that meets all legal obligations.

8.       Continually monitor, review and improve our health and safety management system and procedures.

Employees have an obligation to ensure that their actions or inactions do not cause harm to themselves or any other person in the workplace. Employees shall:

1.       Attend and carry out all training required for performance of their duties and safe operation of equipment.

2.       Correctly wear and use necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) as provided by Mark Cromie Motor Group.

3.       Immediately report to their manager or supervisor all incidents, injuries, pain or discomfort and ensure these are recorded in writing.

4.       Follow instructions from their supervisor or manager regarding health and safety matters including following safe work practices and procedures.

5.       Bring to their manager or supervisors attention any health or safety issues they become aware of.

6.       Attend Health and Safety meetings as required.

7.       Encourage others to work in a safe manner.

8.       Actively participate in rehabilitation for work related injuries or illnesses.


Mark Cromie Motor Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. We will continually review and improve our health and safety performance to ensure we meet our objectives and provide a safe workplace for all.

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