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Baseline Servicing

Here's a price conscious option for that older vehicle...
For all make and model vehicles, 3 years and older, our Baseline Service options gives you a quality comprehensive  service (using quality Castrol oils and genuine filters) at a great price. With the added reassurance of  having factory trained technicians and the latest diagnostic equipment available as well, makes this a far better option than the cheap oil and filter service offered by others.

A Baseline Service includes:

  • Drain engine oil and replace oil and oil filter
  • Test condition and top-up brake fluid level
  • Test condition and top-up clutch fluid level
  • Visual check of engine cooling system
  • Check coolant condition and top-up if required
  • Check and top up power steering fluid
  • Check / Test battery (condition, charging and mountings)
  • Check and top up gearbox/auto transmission fluid level
  • Check and top up differential fluid level
  • Check engine air filter and cabin (pollen) filter
  • Check tyre condition, tread depth and pressures (rotate if required) 
  • Top up windscreen washer fluid, test washer operation 
  • Assess wiper blade performance
  • Check all exterior lights are operating
  • Check auxiliary drive belts (excluding cambelt)
  • Visual check spark plug condition (where accessable) 
  • Check all seat belts (condition / operation)
  • Check electrical charging system
  • Check fuel filter (if fitted, visual and external from fuel tank)
  • Check headlights and adjust as required
  • Inspection of exhaust system
  • Visual inspection steering rack and CV boots
  • Check all steering components 
  • Check suspension condition and performance
  • Check engine/transmission mounts
  • Inspection of brake components for wear or damage 
  • Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise
  • Check air conditioning system/temperature
  • Lubricate door hinges
  • Road test vehicle (up to 50km/h)




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*Includes oil change with up to 5 litres (petrol) 6 litres (diesel) engine oil + oil filter. Additional charges may apply for extra oil, specialty oils, or longer labour inspection times. 

We will always discuss any extra cost with you before proceeding.

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