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Tyres and Wheel Alignments

We can help extend the life of your tyres... or replace them if they are worn...



Wheel Alignments from $60 (passenger car) and $80 (commercial vehicle)

A vehicle’s wheel alignment is key to the performance handling, tyre life, fuel economy and safety of your vehicle.

Common signs that a wheel alignment is out:

Steering  - Vehicle drifting or pulling / Steering wheel is off centre / Vehicle feels unstable

Tyres - Uneven tyre wear / Feathering / Inside or outside edge wear


During the wheel alignment, our skilled technicians will measure your vehicles current castor, camber and toe, using the very latest in equipment – and make adjustments where needed. Resulting in improved fuel efficiency, minimising tyre wear, extending suspension life and ultimately handling and steering improvements.

Tyres need replacing? We can supply and fit tyres for most makes and models at competitive prices!

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